A bursa is a small fluid filled sac, which acts as a shock absorber between bones as in the shoulder or over bones that are near the surface as on the outer surface of the hip.

Bursitis at the shoulder causes pain with attempts at movement. Indeed shoulder mobility is often restricted.

Bursitis at the hip causes pain especially when rolling over in bed or with walking. Often a person with hip pain is concerned about hip arthritis causing their pain. Their fear is the need for hip surgery. It is gratifying to diagnose bursitis and alleviate those fears.

Bursitis may also be a cause of elbow (tennis or golfer’s elbow) or knee pain.

Interestingly, pain in all forms of bursitis tends to be worse at night.

People of all ages may get bursitis. Pain may begin after trauma as reaching, grasping or pulling injuring the shoulder or elbow; or lying on an uncomfortable bed and injuring the hip.

Treatment consists of avoiding further trauma, rest, and ice the first day after injury; heat after that time. Most cases or bursitis respond to rest. When symptoms persist, Physical Therapy is prescribed because it may lessen pain and restore motion. Steroid injection and anti-inflammatory medication are additional ways of treating bursitis.